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Welcome to Spoons in the Dirt

I know you're probably asking yourself, what the hell kinda name is that? Well, it's not random and there's history in it for me and my family growing up in south Alabama.

There were nine of us maternal cousins...and at least 9, maybe 10, fraternal cousins. But it always felt like we were brothers and sisters from different mothers and fathers. That's how close we were.

We all grew up in south Alabama; some of us in the town of Evergreen, some of us outside of Evergreen in the country and some of us in Birmingham. Since my family lived in the country, and my mother was an awesome cook, it was only natural for everyone to gather at our house most Sunday afternoons. While our mamas and daddys did the cooking and visiting inside, we were always sent outside to play. Sometimes we would go down to the barn or run around like the fools we were being chased by cows, goats and chickens. But most of the time we were given spoons and told to go outside and dig in the dirt. And we did. And we loved it.

The fond memories of those days when we were all together are the foundation for "Spoons in the Dirt."




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